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Shopping / Electronics

Times Square Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

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October 5, 2011

A good range of products, but my complaints are:

So many staff....most of them clueless!

Also many of the products on display have UK style 3 pin plugs. When you get your product home and take it out of the box, more often than not, it will have a 2 pin plug. You then have to go back to the store to buy an adaptor. Really annoying.

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Magnus Nystedt

April 5, 2011

Parking is easy in the mall and to make a quick in-and-out to grab some tech stuff is not a problem at this Sharaf DG store. It's a big store, which has a lot of stuff to choose from. It does look a bit spartan though and it seems like every time I visit they're changing the layout of where things are.

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Arabian Ranches

January 21, 2011

Times Square is pretty quiet compared to the other malls in town - not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself: it makes parking easy. Another benefit is that this electronics superstore usually has stock of some of the hottest gadgets, often including stuff that doesn't yet have official distribution in the UAE (like the Boxee Box).

Customer service levels are very inconsistent (read hovering staff who, when you do end up speaking to them are often a bit clueless - although the ones behind specific counters are usually better) and waits at the check-out can take a little while but it's definitely a destination for any gadget-hound.

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